The Chicharrones

"Hi Hey Hello"

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung needed a song to tell their love story; we managed (Josh Martinez) of The Chicharrones, who had their music licensed to the commercial to introduce the new phone. - $3 Million Budget

Moka Only

"Sponsored by Vans"

Behind the Scenes

We executively produced Moka Only's album "Magickal Weirdness," along with everything that comes with releasing a commercial hit record. We achieved #7 on Billboard in 2015. - $100 Thousand Budget

Leclair Forestry Services

Branding & Commercial

Leclair Forestry Services needed an entire: rebranding, website, logo, social media and SEO correction, the whole-nine-yards. So we came up with a lot of content and branding material for them, created their social media profiles which later landed them the Ottawa storm cleanup of 2021-2022

- $10,000.00 Budget.