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"Job Posts"

Short Film

Produced by Bamnation, written, directed, and edited by Nic Bambrough, and starring Mat Carrington. Mat is searching for a job and having trouble securing one, though he has some leads that might pan out.

Strumming Stories

"Like That"

Music Video

Bamnation shot the drone footage and assisted with writing the story. 

Strumming Stories

"All My Friends"

Music Video

Bamnation wrote the script and storyboard f

or the music video for Strumming Stories'

"All My Friends." Originally scheduled to also

shoot the music video, due to unforeseen

circumstances, we were at least blessed with

the opportunity to write the story. 

Moka Only

"Sponsored by Vans"

Behind the Scenes

We executively produced Moka Only's album "Magickal Weirdness," along with everything that comes with releasing a commercial hit record. We achieved #7 on Billboard in 2015. 

Leclair Forestry Services

Branding & Commercial

Leclair Forestry Services needed an entire: rebranding, website, logo, social media and SEO correction, the whole-nine-yards. So we came up with a lot of content and branding material for them, created their social media profiles which later landed them the Ottawa storm cleanup of 2021-2022.

Dunromain Gallery

Branding & Commercial

Dunroamin Gallery is a fine art gallery and art studio in Wooler, Ontario also needed an entire: rebranding, website, logo, social media and SEO. When we do projects like this and help local businesses show their quality hard work, we know it is worth it. No matter the size of the budget, we can accommodate you.

dunroamin computer screenshot.png

Exclusive Detailing

"From Old to New"

Social Media Commericial

Exclusive Detailing was looking for an impactful way to express themselves creatively on their Facebook and other social media so we made them a couple of videos. Here's one. Their site.

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